Whether you have a simple hydrological issue or are envisaging a larger project, the guide below outlines how we work with clients, regulators and other professional services. We can put together a project team for our clients, but we always suggest to our clients, if there is an issue, then get us in early and let us support you. If we are not the right people, then we will try to recommend someone else.

HEC Limited - how we work and are appointed

For larger projects, often funded by HLF or HLS, the need for a team may be essential. We have trusted partners and we tailor the team for the project, bringing the right people around the table to develop and deliver the project.

Appointing HEC to review an issue is straight forward. We work with letters of appointment and then get to work understanding the issue, and if required we work with the regulators to resolve the issue. If the issue expands and others specialists are needed then we draw on our pool of consultants.

1. Hydrological advice and technical evaluations

2. Hydrological advice for the design and delivery of a project

3. Hydrological services for managing a water feature

Management of any surface water feature is normally straight forward, but when things go wrong, you may need advice and quickly. HEC has hydrology, hydro-ecology and hydro-chemistry specialisms and can do the first assessment. If further support is needed, then we have our consultants to draw upon. If an intervention is needed, we can get the regulators approval and then work with suppliers for the right measures.

4. Hydrological services for Statutory Reservoirs (1975 and 2010 Act)

Owners of reservoirs will have appointed Inspecting and Supervising Engineers. HEC often support these engineers by providing bespoke hydrological models of the reservoir and the dam's hydraulic performance. Having an independent hydrologist ensures that the flood performance of dams is critically evaluated and if measures are required to improve its safety, then these are tested. Our experience in historic landscapes, with a range of earth dams, means we are often better placed to put together a project team, who work with the appointed engineers, to deliver a sensitive and historically appropriate solution that is also cost effective and a durable solution.

Haycock Environmental Consultants Limited

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