19th November 2009

314.4mm in 24 hours (Seathwaite)


20th July 2007

154mm in 5 hours (Bricklehampton)


16th August 2004

202.0mm in 4.5 hours (Lesnewth)

Hampstead Heath 14th August 1975

170.8mm in 3 hours


Haycock Environmental Consultants Limited

Independent Hydrologist and  Waterscape Consultants

Chronology of British Hydrological Events

Hydrology and computer science

There is nothing like a big flood to get hydrologists excited. Very much like those storm chasers in the UK, flooding brings new experiences and new understanding about the dynamics of floods. Floods bring with them misery for those effected, and this human impact makes the challenge of documenting these events more meaningful. The River Isbourne floods in 2007 affected the village of Sedgeberrow deeply and being able to discuss the floods with residents enabled them to impart their experience, but also enabled us to put to rest their fears about the causes of these extreme floods.

Over the last 15 years, we have reviewed floods in many areas of the UK, from the Sussex Ouse in October 2000 to the Lake District floods in 2009. Documenting their impact and dynamics enable river restoration options to be developed to aid communities, farmers and conservation groups. The links below share some information on key events and we have also linked to the Hydrological Events based at Durham University.